“Sodales” is a new luxury pajama brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The owner and creative mind behind the brand is Bosnian-born Sladjana Edvin Pedersen.

While enjoying some of the most magnificent years in the Middle Eastern opulence of Dubai and Doha with her husband, the idea was born to transcend the borders of the Middle East and bring some of the experience back home to the “cold North” – to Denmark. That is how “Sodales” was born.

Since her husband Kent has been her biggest support and critic from the very first day that the idea was born, Sladjana felt that the only appropriate name for the brand would be “Sodales” (Latin for soulmates).

Love of luscious silks, an acute attention to detail and focus on ultimate sophistication and femininity are the key characteristics by which “Sodales” aims to be distinguished. Each sample is created by hand in our atelier, and all of our designs are ethically manufactured in Europe.

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